Best-Armored Fiber Optic Cable When Failure Is Not An Option

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nanoFIBER™ stainless steel coiled armor protects the fragile fiber optic glass within.

nanoFIBER™ is a Smooth Wall steel conduit that can be used in all installations from burial, aerial, and underwater conditions.

nanoFIBER™ protects against poor usage, installation, vermin attack, tampering, and harsh environments.

nanoFIBER… when failure is not an option.

nanoFIBER™ armored fiber optic cabling solutions is a division of Point 2 Point Communications Corp. that engineers products with a purpose for modern day communication systems. This includes fiber optics, copper wire, coaxial, CAT5/6/7/8, and custom Hybrid and Composite cabling solutions. Designs may include media converters, switches, extenders and other active components. P2P designs and deploys the best solutions for Ethernet, RF, Pro AV, HDMI, tactical reels, security, data centers, FTTx wireless and GPON solutions. Additionally, P2P provides fiber optic components like adaptors, cleavers, connectors, OTDRs, fusion splicers, test equipment, power meters, and training.

nanoFIBER™ is an award-winning, new proprietary armoring system, that winds a flat stainless-steel coil around the inner jacket of the fiber optic cables. This creates the smallest armored outer diameter fiber optic armor in the world that is over 75% lighter compared to standard aluminum interlock armor (AIA). nanoFIBER has the tightest bend radius on the market and is designed to protect the fragile Corning ClearCurve™ & InfiniCore™ Glass.

nanoFIBER armored fiber optic cables are designed to replace the antiquated Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) that has been used in the market for over 40 years. The AIA armor is heavy, rigid, hard to handle, and needs a staff to install as well as potentially cracking the fiber optic glass when AIA kinks. AIA has a corrugated rough jacket that can tear apart other cables. nanoFIBER is Smooth-Wall for much easier installation.

nanoFIBER™ was honored in November 2020 with the 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Platinum Homeland Security Award recognized for their groundbreaking Airport/Aviation Security Infrastructure Program for armored fiber optic cabling solutions. nanoFIBER™ optic armored cables provide a technology for airports with the smallest outer diameter (OD) that is lightweight, rodent resistant, crush resistant, tamper-resistant, bend radius, and safest for humans in a fire scenario at the airport with our EU CPR Certified LSHZ outer jackets.

nanoFIBER is perfect for communication projects, building infrastructures, Building Management Systems (BMS), Distributor Antenna Systems (DAS), broadband, security, WAN, LAN, SAN, CATV, broadcast, staging, rental, FTTH, FTTD, CEDIA, and Pro-AV markets. nanoFIBER stainless-steel armored fiber optic cables are available in bulk cabling and patch cords to meet all specifications and project needs.

nanoFIBER™ armored fiber optic cables are manufactured with the highest level LSZH EU CPR certifications for permanent building structures, aircraft, ships, or any structures that house dense populations. nanoFIBER™ has passed stringent EU testing for fire and awarded the high-level B2 certification. nanoFIBER fiber optic outer jackets include indoor and outdoor usage for Riser, PE, PU, Plenum, direct Burial, Industrial and harsh environment jackets available in most colors for all conditions.

The nanoFIBER fiber optic cables are scalable and customizable to meet all airports, buildings, and all project scopes and sizes. The use of the armoring machinery in our Mexico factory provides the USMCA seal and will ensure just-in-time inventory as well as meeting “Made in the USA” requirements for U.S. government and commercial projects.

nanoFIBER is an engineering company that works with premium factories in both China and Mexico. Each factory can meet both low and high-velocity manufacturing as well as meet quality assurance protocols and tailored to the needs of the client. Strand counts from 1 to 144 strands that include fiber types such as OS2, OM5, OM4, OM3, OM2, and OM1. nanoFIBER can provide pre-terminated patch cord solutions that include MTP/MPO, LC, SC, ST, and MU terminations.

The nanoFIBER™ machinery ensures that the stainless-steel tubular design maintains maximum flexibility by tightly winding around the inner jacket of the fiber cable. Kevlar® layers can be added to ensure maximum strength and durability.

nanoFIBER is the best-armored fiber optic cable when failure is not an option.

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