nanoFIBER Fusion Splicer

  • 02-03-2021
  • 02:23 pm

nanoFIBER l newly released 2021 AI-9 Smart Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer demonstrates a new generation of splicers. Latest enhancements like Bluetooth control with Cloud-Based storage for real-time results and an App operating system make this a true Smart Splicer.

Industrial-grade hardware like the quad-core CPU and 6 high-speed motors with autofocus make 5-second core alignment splicing and 15-second heating possible making the AI-9 one of the fastest fiber splicing machines in the world.

The color 5-inch 800X480 high-resolution screen with adjustable glare control, intuitive software flow of operations and up to 300 times focus magnification, make the splicing process quick, easy and fear-free. Ergonomic innovations like the built-in stool and the bright LED light help in the field when really needed. The durable toolbox has storage for the unit and all needed tools and parts. Aviation quality metal body that’s dust and drop proof make the unit a hardy machine.

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