nanoFIBER Pushable Fiber Optics

  • 02-03-2021
  • 02:23 pm

nanoFIBER is an engineering company that has deployed fiber optics and fiber termination to the market for over 30 years. nanoFIBER is dedicated to providing full marketable solutions for all stainless steel armored fiber optic cables. This includes armored fiber optic technologies to minimize insertion loss that meets the requirements for non-interrupted communication links. We understand these critical factors for this growing market segment.

Our mission is to engineer products for the cable industry that saves time, provides ease of installation, supports fewer manpower hours, lowers costs, and increases reliability.

  • nanoFIBER™ is virtually indestructible, rodent & weather resistant.
  • In-Concrete or harsh conditions will not affect the performance of nanoFIBER.
  • nanoFIBER will protect the Fiber optic glass so the Bend Radius CANNOT be exceeded.
  • nanoFIBER is 65% smaller and 75% lighter to install than AIA and lowering the cost of installation by cutting manpower and time of your project.
  • nanoFIBER has passed stringent EU testing for fire and awarded the high-level B2.
  • nanoFIBER fits into the smallest pathways and adds savings to the project.

As 5G deployments continue, the demand for new, innovative ways of placing, installing, and repairing fiber increases.

Solutions like the nanoFIBER stainless-steel armored fiber optic cables with “PUSHABLE” capabilities allow installations to take place that was previously considered unreachable. Using the smallest diameter armored fiber cables acts as a duct and can radically cut deployment costs by using this narrow nano armored fiber cable that is no thicker than a conventional fiber patch cable.

To learn more about nanoFIBER “Pushable Armored Fiber Cables” call 631.338.4373 or visit us at regarding our fiber optic solutions and how we can help you with your next projects. #security #power #installers #wesco #graybar #accutech #fiberoptic #datacenter #proav #electricalengineer