nanoFIBER Armored Fiber Optic Values to our Customers

  • 02-03-2021
  • 03:09 pm

nanoFIBER is a leading manufacturer of the world’s smallest, lightest, and virtually indestructible U.S. patent pending stainless-steel armored fiber optic cables produced in USMCA. nanoFIBER is an award-winning armored fiber optic solution that has a lifetime warranty and is FAA compliant as well as UL Certified. Upon request, we can source from China as well.

Lifetime Warranty
Fastest lead time with same-day delivery from our in-stock US items.
Manufacturing in Mexico for fast turn around and with UL Certified
Customer Testimonials
Custom cables can be prepared and turnaround in 24 hours
Support question responses in 24 hours
Free Technical and Engineering 24/7 support
Free Consultation and Advisement from industry leaders in the fiber field
Free Samples of nanoFIBER and AIA Comparison
Customized Webinars
Customized Training
Customized Presentation for Clients
Customized Lunch and Learns
Same day On-Hand Inventory
Same day Custom Specs

To learn more, please visit us at and sign up. We will reach out and contact you. Or respond to this post.

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