nanoFIBER Top ASTOR Platinum Homeland Security AWARD for Transit Systems Security Infrastructure with with Stainless Steel Armored Fiber

New York, November 21, 2021 — Point 2 Point Communications’ / nanoFIBER is honored with 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Platinum Homeland Security for their groundbreaking Transit Systems Security Infrastructure Program for armored fiber optic cabling solutions and management systems. Engineering with a Purpose Roman Krawczyk, CEO and Chief Engineer for Point 2 Point Communications and nanoFIBER expressed […]

Data Centers benefits from nanoFIBER armored fiber cables

Steven J Stark April 20, 2021 nanoFIBER™ armor is perfect for in-concrete installations. nanoFIBER™ armor protects the fiber optic glass within the inner jacket. nanoFIBER protects against cracking, crimping, and poor installation. nanoFIBER slows cable tampering.      Importance of nanoFIBER armored to protect the Data Center. Fiber optics has become the choice solution for […]

nanoFIBER as a benefit for Pro AV Projects

By Steven Stark April 15, 2021 nanoFIBER projects include: Encore Productions Dreamforce Salesforce Convention Superbowl LIV NFL NCAA Champion Basketball 2020 NFL Draft 2019 SoFi Stadium 2020   The combination of light and fiber optic glass presents some unique properties that give AV professionals powerful tools in common AV applications. A nanoFIBER armored fiber optic […]