Point 2 Point Products and Services for MN Broadband & DOT

Point 2 Point Communications Corporation is pleased to demonstrate our infrastructure products and services to the MN Broadband Office.     


MN Broadband can garner expertise in IT, and fiber optic cabling infrastructure knowledge to assist with the mid-mile and last-mile best practices. This includes both future-proofing solutions and the lowest costs with goals of saving money for the ISP Providers as well as saving time on the infrastructure buildout throughout the counties in the State of Minnesota.   

The knowledge will include the mid-mile connection to a neural network of micro-edge data centers that can be deployed in each county. The edge data centers will connect both the ISP Providers as well as county and commercial businesses with high storage capacity and AI technology to benefit those users with the latest solutions and lower costs for storage. 

MN Broadband Office can garner a company that can bring the cost savings solutions and expertise to a potential “beta group” of county officials, targeted contractors, and ISP Providers that additionally illustrates the future-ready that could be rolled out to the rest of the counties in the State of Minnesota. 

  • Demonstrate the latest infrastructure network solutions for mid and last-mile solutions. 
  • Present a value proposition of product selections: 
  • Future-ready.   
  • Saves time for installations. 
  •  Saves money for the MN Broadband Office. 
  • Creates jobs and apprenticeship programs. 


Point 2 Point Communications Corporation (P2P) will demonstrate our abilities to offer MN Broadband Office with over 35 years of network engineering and manufacturing of fiber optic armored cabling and related products.

P2P’s long-standing relationships with tier-one vendor collaborators add further value to our broadband demonstration. This will include but is not limited to the manufacturing of the U.S. patented, UL-listed nanoFIBER stainless steel armored fiber optic cabling solutions.  

  • Provide the latest proven micro trenching and networking technologies. 
  • Designed to offer the most efficient and cost savings for the MN Broadband Office. 
  • Building a network team of contractors who complement the current ISP Providers in MN
  • Utilizing the latest products to future-proof technology while providing the best pricing for the long-term benefits to the State of MN
  • Present a Forum to the ISP and Contractors the latest solutions, products, and services Furthermore, P2P can demonstrate the advantages of the U.S. Patented TRAXyL micro trenching solution when deployed with nanoFIBER fiber optics saving time and money for deploying throughout the rural market fiber network infrastructure.  

P2P collaborates with network, electrical, environmental, as well as mechanical engineering companies. Additionally, P2P collaborates with project management and design consulting companies as well as top contractors and integrators providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients. 


P2P will illustrate examples of awards, projects, case studies, and white papers providing real-time costs, manpower, and time-saving from clients. Moreover, P2P will demonstrate to the network contractors and stretch the BEAD budget for the State of Minnesota. 


P2P’s 10-year collaborative relationship with ACX DCWS edge data centers will deploy the nanoFIBER fiber optic cabling and cassettes throughout the ACX data centers. Additionally, ACX DCWS will deliver a NO Capex solution for Broadband Neural Network Edge Data Centers for all ISP providers.  

State and County buildings will benefit from a patented lossless compression architecture algorithm storage solution for streaming video files and reduce the cost of storage and AI technologies to our customer base. The neural network is a state-of-the-art data center for all ISP providers that minimizes any latency from streaming and broadband. ACX AI memory bank draws from superior search engines through available information. IoT of the future… can be from sub-meters, monitoring sewage service, Tractor GPS, trash pickup, and all from radio access networks. 

ACX DCWS zero carbon emission micro edge data centers utilizing the patented Loop Heat Pipe negates the need for water to cool the servers and lowers power consumption by up to 50%. Can convert abandoned data centers and buildings into a micro-edge center. 

Additionally, these neural network micro edge data centers are powered by a unique Independent Power Source (IPS) known as the MagnetronTM powered by the earth’s magnetic field using no fossil fuel and providing true Green Energy generating zero carbon emissions.  The county’s benefit is a NO CAPEX, NO RISK solution that lowers electrical operating costs to all stakeholders from a unique 365/24/7 microgrid that is 100% green power. 

Roman Krawczyk 

Point 2 Point Communications Corp. 

CEO and Chief Engineer 



Point 2 Point Corporation is a Long Island-based Engineering, Consulting, and Manufacturing company. nanoFIBER™ a division of P2P holds several U.S. patents and UL Listings on the stainless-steel armored fiber optic cabling solutions and related broadband products. Roman Krawczyk, CEO and Chief Engineer takes pride in his team by bringing real solutions with a purpose for cabling installers for the broadband 


**See attached Point 2 Point PowerPoint outlining the Products and Services offerings  

P2P with over thirty-five (35) years of engineering experience in complex network system designs. nanoFIBER™ where their highly skilled and dedicated staff of network and electrical engineers, designs the fiber optic network backbone from the roads, mid-mile as well as the last-mile Fiber-To-The-X (home & business).  

P2P Marketing is located in our Long Branch, N.J. office. Responsible for sales, market development, product placement, public relations, press releases, and collateral for Point 2 Point/nanoFIBER brands. Additionally, Mike Refalo, ELAN Engineering works closely with the MN office on network engineering, mapping, and buildout of the broadband rural market strategies. This includes underserved, low-income, and non-served markets and how to bring broadband cost-effectively to those markets and maintain our high standards. 

P2P provides the inventory for the fiber optics cabling solutions, shipments, and assembly of cables for the local Minnesota broadband market.  

P2P has several partnership/OEM collaborations with topflight engineering and manufacturing firms as a complementary solution adding value for the N.J. Broadband ISP Providers. We will provide special pricing to the ISP and Contractors with our turnkey solutions through a State Coalition. This includes broadband ISP Providers but is not limited to: 

  • Corning 
  • CommScope 
  • DZS 
  • Sumitomo  

Our 360-degree infrastructure solutions blend engineering, manufacturing, and technology, as well as training and apprenticeship into a singular ecosystem that meets or exceeds the federal government industry standards while maintaining cost efficiencies provided by the MN Broadband Office guidelines.  


BEAD funding guidelines stipulate that ISP Providers and Contractors are fully certified by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) to receive BEAD funding.  

Lee Renfroe, President of GoFroe is a certified trainer for the Fiber Optic Association as well as a low voltage integration company.  Their services include FOA Certification Training, structured cabling, security, access control, CCTV, and Hosted VoIP. GoFroe is owned and operated by Lee Renfroe who has over 25 years of ICT experience.   

Renfroe has several industry certifications including BICSI RCDD, CFOT, and CFOS/I.  Lee Renfroe also owns a training company, GoFar, that is an authorized Fiber Optic Association training school.  GoFar offers fiber optic certification and training classes throughout the U.S.   

GoFroe team has the expertise and the certification qualifications for ISP teams to meet the BEAD guidelines as well as create apprentices that can learn a trade that is in dire need in the broadband buildout project throughout Minnesota.  

Product Selection 



Roman Krawczyk, Chief Engineer for P2P/ nanoFIBER™, assesses the challenges to design a broadband network with multi-strand singlemode armored fiber optic cables that can be installed for all weather conditions and offers significant cost and structural advantages over current non-armored and aluminum interlock armored solutions in the market today. His team has developed several solutions that exceed broadband network engineers’ expectations. 

nanoFIBER has designed and developed OEM Solutions for top manufacturers and ISP Providers that are

currently used in the market today for: 

  • AT&T 
  • Verizon 
  • Spectrum  
  • Sumitomo 
  • Corning (NDA) 
  • CommScope (NDA) 


Additionally, nanoFIBER™ is the only armored fiber optic solution that can be directly fed into the road groove formed by the patented TRAXtor cable/topcoat deployment machine.  

The Virginia-based company manufactures a patented adhesive and TRAXtor machine to deploy fiber to any road surface. TRAXtor machine can install nanoFIBER™ cable at an average speed of 1,000 feet per hour, with a two-to-three-person crew.  

The TRAXtor etches the paved surface, creating a channel 8 to 15mm wide and deep. The minimal debris generated by the small etch is vacuumed by the TRAXtor and can be disposed of in bags (this is unlike micro-trenching where debris is disposed of by trucks).  

All in the same forward motion the nanoFIBER™ cable is inserted into the channel and a highly durable resin backfills the groove and cable payload to seal the cable into the pavement surface.  

The protective coating is cured in under an hour, allowing traffic and pedestrians to resume with no impact on operations.  

FiberTRAX nanoFIBER™ can accommodate from 2 to 288 fibers which is perfect for last-mile broadband and campus-like environments.  

TRAXyL solution lowers costs, saves time, and minimizes permitting. 

**See attached Point 2 Point White Paper “Camp Loyaltown” for the full cost analysis, bid process, and testimonial from the IT Department.  

Issues considered for both the inner and outer jacket were the fiber optic cable’s ability to withstand harsh environments, and expansion and contraction associated with radical temperature changes in road surfaces. Additionally, the outer diameter of the armored cable could not exceed the width of the road groove and allow the TRAXyL topcoat to easily be applied for a smooth operation. Furthermore, in the unlikely case of water leakage caused by road punctures, the cable must resist water breaching the inner fiber optic strands within the cabling jacket.   

nanoFIBER™ developed a 24-strand single-mode cable that would exceed project expectations. The nanoFIBER™ stainless-steel armored 24 F Indoor/Outdoor SM G657A@ OD 4.0mm Model #SM2424NA2-

4.0 cable allowed for fiber upgrades and additional future applications. 

The latest development evolution of the collaboration between P2P/TRAXyl has achieved up to 288 strands per single pass.  

The stainless-steel armor provided the gauge thickness to ensure crush and vermin resistance, as well as meeting harsh weather conditions. Water Blocking material is added to protect against a breach of the outer jacket. The water-blocking material absorbs any moisture maintains the integrity of the fiber cable and protects the fiber optic strands within the cabling jacket. Kevlar is added to strengthen the cable when pulled through the TRAXtor machine and maintain a smooth rollout of the fiber into the road groove.   

Finally, a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) outer jacket is added to the cable to eliminate carcinogens associated with fire as well as meet Department of Transportation specifications. 


Based and manufacturing in Alabama for 25 years. The products are AI-driven Control, Insights, and Optimization.  Their products have the lowest power requirement of all PON manufacturers. 

Considerations are the 10Gbit/s Fiber to the Home PON access supplier of choice. All PON products are environmentally hardened. 

100Gbit/s to 400Gbit/s transport technology. 

MOSAIC One leading Customer Service Management software. 

Open SD-Access architecture Manages ADTRAN and Customer devices. 

ADVA is the world leader in network timing. 


From 1RU fixed form factors to 2, 6, 14, and 16 slot chassis – these systems lead the industry in performance and capacity.  

For example, the 6-slot Velocity V6 is capable of supporting 800 Gbps per slot non-blocking, enough to support not only XGS-PON data rates today but 50G-PON and even 100G-PON data rates in the future. 


The repeatable concept of tap technology allows for simple and fast deployment. effective design is the definition of the services to provide and the basic parameters that determine the terminal Configurations. 

Once these parameters are set, the repetition of the defined building blocks will be the for a plug-and-play network, a repeatable network design. 



According to Mike Refalo, President of ELAN Engineering, “The underground construction portion of the project takes the most time.  nanoFIBER has partnered with TRAXyL which can install up to 4000 feet per day of NanoFIBER without inner duct along roadways and bridges. 

However, In rural “Right of Ways “plowing versus boring inner ducts, using nanoFIBER™ will increase the average installation from 450 feet to 3000 feet per day per crew.  

The small diameter of nanoFIBER requires a ¾” diameter inner duct versus the standard 1¼” diameter inner duct.  Saving money and increasing the installation rate.  The smaller diameter fiber and inner duct is optimal for blown fiber installation.  Again, increasing construction rate. 


“TRAXyL/nanoFIBER™ flush road solution met all bid requirements. According to Joseph Milone, Director of AHRC Network Solutions states, the “FiberTRAX” solution is an amazing technology. The flush road deployment was far superior to any surface-mounted options.  TRAXyL provided the best price compared to micro trenching. Instead of months to complete with bulldozers, ariel wires, and disrupting the camp, the TRAXyL/nanoFIBER™ bid promised the whole project for Fiber network installation in three  (3) days to fiber connectivity in two (2) days! Almost too good to be true.”  


The ODOT bridge in Ohio installed surface-mount FiberTRAX nearly three years ago (it has seen snow and plowing, and it is a surface-mount variant that is more exposed) 

Ohio installation was supposed to be a one-year project now in year three. It provides connectivity to a cellphone tower and a community on the other side of the Stillwater River from West Milton Ohio. No other bridge attachments were allowed, and it was too expensive and time-consuming to bore under the river. 



Mike Refalo, President of ELAN Engineering with over 50 years of network engineering and data center design has tested many fiber optic cabling solutions that must provide the functions of a conduit, flexible bend radius, protection against harsh environments, and vermin attacks while meeting budgetary constraints. 

nanoFIBER™ stainless steel design met all his requirements with advanced water blocking allowing installation with less than 48” of cover.  Opening up to multiple installation systems while increasing underground construction build rate.  For broadband, this allowed for lower construction costs and providing service to homes faster. 

Mike Refalo is available to discuss the benefits of nanoFIBER™ and working with their team of engineers and professional support staff. miker@elanengineering.com 


Joseph Milone, Director of AHRC Network Solutions states, “Fiber-To-Flush-Mount-Surface Solutions was an amazing technology. I Would recommend TRAXyL/nanoFIBER™ services for their end-to-end professionalism, due diligence, unique and revolutionary products, and equipment. Add the completion on time and earlier than expected with Zero incidents as the special bonus.” 

Camp Loyaltown Compendium from 54kbit to 10Gb upgrade | nanoFIBER  

In Summary, AHRC provided a bid proposal for a fiber infrastructure buildout at Camp Loyaltown to meet their needs for a reliable and fast internet connection. The concerns of meeting deadlines and interrupting the 2023 Camp were a huge consideration. The TRAXyL/nanoFIBER™ solution met or exceeded all bid requirements and was awarded the project. The execution of their daily plan proved to AHRC that this was the right solution for the Camp. 

I am available to those considering the TRAXyL/nanoFIBER “Fiber-To-Flush-Mount-Surface” solution and looking for a testimonial about their technology, commitment, and work ethic as nothing less than exemplary to reach out to me via email at Joseph Milone jmilone@ahrc.org. 


New York, November 21, 2021 — Point 2 Point Communications / nanoFIBER is honored with 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Platinum Homeland Security for their groundbreaking Transit Systems Security Infrastructure Program for armored fiber optic cabling solutions and management systems. 

Roman Krawczyk, CEO and Chief Engineer for Point 2 Point Communications and nanoFIBER expressed that being the recipient of the ASTOR Award is special to our company. To be selected by a peer of judges as The #1 Platinum Award Winner for our “Best Transit Infrastructure Cabling and Management System” is an honor. Mr. Krawczyk states, “We pride ourselves as the brand you trust, and safety is paramount.” Roman further explains, “Therefore, much goes into how we engineer products. 

nanoFIBER Top ASTOR Platinum Homeland Security AWARD for Transit Systems Security Infrastructure

with with Stainless Steel Armored Fiber nanoFIBER  


Airport Security systems cannot afford downtime due to faulty cables, vermin attacks, crimping, breaking, etc. The opportunities to use nanoFIBER™ in projects are almost infinite. The cost/value proposition is enormous and adds features and benefits to all projects for the end-user. The long-term benefits of nanoFIBER™ that add protection from the patch cord to miles of cabling for indoor/outdoor premises, aerials, and all projects will be backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Overcoming Airport Infrastructure Obstacles with Armored nanoFIBER American Security Today Award Winning Armored Fiber Optic for Airports nanoFIBER  


Mr. Hobbs is the Infrastructure Admin at CLT.  He states, “Our mission is to be the preferred airport and airline hub by providing the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost.  Our product – the fiber infrastructure – is a high-quality, diverse, future-resistant, optical fiber backbone system that provides the foundation of almost all of the networks that make this airport function.  

Mr. Hobbs was up to the task of finding the right fiber optic solution to be the backbone of the airport’s data networks. The challenge of finding the right armor was to review side by side the advantages of the Aluminum Interlock Armor and the new NanoFIBER stainless steel coiled micro armor.  

Results: When comparing 1000 feet of armored fiber optic cabling, Micro Armor Fiber™ is approximately 65% smaller and 75% lighter than Aluminum Interlocking Armor. The NanoFIBER micro armor had a greater bend radius and did not crack, crimp, or break when bending past its capabilities. AIA would crack and crimp the cable when stressed past its bend radius.   


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