Future proof your hospital with TiniFiber…

TiniFiber Micro Armor Fiber Optic connectivity makes more sense than regular copper Ethernet in most hospitals. Fiber offers a more robust solution with no risk of Electric Interferences, offers much better bandwidth, allows for future bandwidth growth, eliminates the need for intermediate switches and wiring cabinets, reducing real estate cost, management, equipment and energy cost.


Quick Facts…

  • nanoFIBER is the U.S. Patent-Pending UL Approved armored fiber optic cable that incorporates a tightly wrapped stainless steel coil designed to provide the lightest, strongest, and most flexible solution.
  • Jackets available for Riser, PE, PU, Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, LSZH, Direct Burial, Industrial and Harsh Environments at hospital
  • Designed to lower the installation cost of support systems, pathways and manpower labor hours
  • TiniFiber™ Micro Armor Fiber® is approximately 65% smaller and 75% lighter than typical Aluminum Interlock Armor (AIA) fiber
  • Smallest OD and very high flexibility allow for easy installation into tight pathways, risers and bends
  • OS2, OM1, OM3, and OM4 from 1 to 144 Strands (250u/900u/Ribbon
  • Multi-strand pre-termination is available with MTP/MPO, LC, SC, ST, MU, etc.
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty
  • Protects against rodent attacks