Here are some of the marketable applications where Armored nanoFIBER’s small OD, high flexibility, and steel strength make your fiber project a success.
  • Patch cables from the desk (Fiber to the Desk)
  • Data Centers
  • Riser Cables in building
  • Plenum and raised floor
  • Security & Security Cameras
  • nanoFIBER armor is a conduit or pathway with no additional costs
  • WiFi and DAS Systems
  • Pro AV and Broadcast Applications
  • Broadband and Fiber To The Home
  • Aerial and Burial Solutions
  • Tactical and Military Solutions
  • Harsh Environments
  • Sensing and Perimeter Solutions


  • Corning Fiber Optic Glass is fragile, and the coiled stainless-steel nanoFIBER™ armor protects the fiber from cracking, crimping, and kinking during the installation and beyond.
  • nanoFIBER™ is the smallest Outer Diameter (OD) armored fiber optic cable in the market.
  • nanoFIBER outer diameter is almost the same as the conventional non-armor with all the benefits.
  • nanoFIBER protects the bend radius of the fiber, keeping the data flow at its maximum.
  • nanoFIBER protects your cable from Vermin attacks and is much more difficult to cut.
  • nanoFIBER protects your cable against heavy usage and poor installation.
  • nanoFIBER™ reclaims space in pathways and conduits that are overloaded with old cables.
  • The nanoFIBER armor acts as a metal conduit avoiding costly pipes when possible.
  • nanoFIBER provides the latest connectors that are easily spliced on
  • nanoFIBER can be used as a replacement for conventional cable where size and strength matters.
  • nanoFIBER™ is the best cable for novice installers. Keeps from breaking the fragile glass fiber.
  • nanoFIBER armored fiber optic cables are tampering resistant.
  • nanoFIBER armored fiber is used to connect through patch cords the switchers, converters, extenders, and servers in a data center
  • Concerns of conventional fiber are crimping, cracking, and kinking of the fiber optic glass from usage, handling, and installation of patch cords.
  • Multimode (OM4) cable is most prevalent in the data center industry. OS2 is becoming the choice fiber for linking switches and IDFs long distances
  • Data Centers spend $millions on equipment and security. Why would you trust your sensitive saved corporate information and data to an Un-Armored patch cable?

What makes nanoFIBER armored stainless steel fiber optic cables perfect for market applications include:

  • nanoFIBER™ Smallest available outer diameter (2.0mm) reduces reel size over 75% versus conventional armor and saving time and money supporting and handling.
  • 30% Smaller than any other armored fiber on the market reduces valuable manpower hours during installation.
  • Armored nanoFIBER is designed highly flexible for easy and safe installation every time.
  • Stainless steel armor serves as a pathway conduit in itself and will reduce the costs of installing a pipe conduit in many applications.
  • nanoFiber’s stainless-steel armor technology can be customized to your specifications and can be mixed with copper power cable to
    make hybrids.
  • Armored NanoFIBER protects the glass from cracking, crimping, and kinging.
  • Jacket types PVC, Plenum, PU/PE, Indoor/Outdoor, LSZH, Direct Burial, Tactical and Industrial harsh environment.
  • Custom jackets and colors available.

Our mission is to engineer products for the cable industry that saves time, provides ease of installation, supports fewer manpower hours, lowers costs, and increases reliability.

  • nanoFIBER™ is virtually indestructible, rodent & weather resistant.
  • nanoFIBER will protect the Fiber optic glass so the Bend Radius CANNOT be exceeded.
  • nanoFIBER is 65% smaller and 75% lighter to install than AIA and lowering the cost of installation by cutting manpower and time of your project.
  • nanoFIBER has passed stringent EU testing for fire and awarded the high-level B2.
  • nanoFIBER fits into the smallest pathways and adds savings to the project.
  • nanoFIBER is a “conduit” and therefore lowers the cost of installing new pathways.
  • nanoFIBER is less expensive to ship and warehouse.
  • nanoFIBER armor protects from poor installation and usage that can crack the fragile glass. Provide peace of mind.