nanoFIBER Joins Splashes of Hope Fire Island NY Bay Cruise June 3 Fund Raiser

  • 24-03-2023
  • 03:06 pm

Blog by Steven Stark – March 24, 2023

nanoFIBER wants you to join us on the Splashes of Hope FIRE ISLAND BAY CRUISE on June 3, 2023. Enjoy a day in the sun and meeting the Splashes of Hope team who give tirelessly to help create therapeutic art and bringing healing to those who are in need.

Splashes of Hope Bay Cruise Drive will help meet their goals to “splash” hospitals, VA Facilities, nursing home in 2023. Please click through the images to learn more about how Splashes of Hope works directly with the local hospitals, Community Centers, Nursing Homes and much more…

Make a Donation

Since 1996, Splashes of Hope has provided over 1000’s murals and has made a positive impact at both the community level as well as medical institutions.

For the last 25 years, Roman Krawczyk, CEO of nanoFIBER and his wife Monica have supported Splashes of Hope who provides therapeutic art murals to those in need from Children Hospitals, Community Centers, VA facilities and Nursing homes throughout the United States. As Co-President’s they have enjoyed giving of themselves to help raise funds and sponsors that allows for future projects to continue to bring joy through art.

We are asking our friends and colleagues to please give to this worthy cause that makes a difference in those in need of hope and healing through therapeutic art.



Splashes of Hope was founded in 1996 by Heather Buggée in reaction to her own experience in typical, dreary medical settings. During her art school years, Heather had a friend who was afflicted with Hodgkin’s Disease being treated in a local hospital. They discussed ways to improve the hospital’s aesthetics. Their idea that positive imagery would improve a patient’s outlook to support the healing process, was the genesis of Splashes of Hope.

Heather’s friend, sadly, did not survive his illness, but their dream lives on. Heather and her team of artists and volunteers have made the dream into reality.  After 25 years, Splashes of Hope continues its mission to brighten the world with art!

Heather and her team of dedicated artists have been splashing therapeutic art and will continue to build on those successes for years to come.

To learn more… visit us at  INFO@SPLASHESOFHOPE.ORG PO BOX 537 HUNTINGTON, NY 11743 P: (631) 424-8230