nanoFIBER Powers Superbowl LV

  • 2021-03-04
  • 11:49 am

Roman Krawczyk, CEO of nanoFIBER was invited to supervise the NFL Super bowl installation of the nanoFIBER stainless steel armored fiber optic cables to ensure continuous connectivity throughout the game. The week-long Super Bowl events went off with no video or audio issues.

nanoFIBER armored fiber optics connected all video and audio sources from cameras, security, broadcasting, and antennas that insured no signal loss or downtime from cracking, crimping, or bending of the fragile glass that is protected the stainless steel coiled armor within the cabling jacket. The mix of nanoFIBER indoor and outdoor tactile reels and patch cords made connectivity simple and secure. Mr. Krawczyk stated, that the NFL has been using our armored cables for years and never had any downtime caused by faulty cabling.


  • Benefits of Fiber versus Copper Wire: longer distance, higher bandwidth, faster speeds, better resolution (8K), and easier to install.
  • Key concerns installing fiber: over pulling and bending fiber cable that leads to crimping and cracking the fiber glass.
  • nanoFIBER™ Armor protects: Vermin and crush resistant, protects the fragile glass bend radius and tensile strength from excessive pulling.
  • Digital Signage is protected by harsh environments from the nanoFIBER™ Armor.
  • Provides Broadcast TAC tactile reels that are extremely High Flex crush-resistant from usage and excessive weight on the cables.
  • Pro AV primarily uses single-mode (OS2) in most applications, some media converter and boosters use both single and multimode.

Since nanoFIBER armored fiber optic cables are non-conductive, it is completely immune to EMI, RFI, noise, ground loops, lightning strikes, and other sources of electrical interference. The highest possible fidelity is achieved by digitizing analog signals close to the source and then transmitting those signals over fiber. Forget about transformer balancing, impedance issues, fluorescent lights, dimmers, signal loss vs. distance, etc.

To learn more, please contact nanoFIBER at 631.338.4373