Health Light UVC Air Purifiers



  • PuR-AIR is a self-contained UVC/HEPA Filter air purifying system
  • Safely and effectively reduces risk of infection spread with our self contained UVC/HEPA Filter germicidal air cleaner.
  • Our UVC air purifier continuously kills inactivate airborne bacteria and viruses even while rooms are in use.
  • In that sense, a HEPA air filter can protect against COVID-19 from spreading to someone from an infected person.
  • PuR-AIR fan pulls air into the device
  • The self contained UVC LED Light 260-280nm wavelength destroys the molecular structure of bacteria and all viruses
  • The 360-degree H-13 HEPA Filter effectively captures 99% of all particle matters as small a 0.3 microns
  • The PuR-AIR can sanitize the air of a car in 10 minutes cycles


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