Hybrid Fiber+Copper 8K Armored HDMI cables

armored fiber optic cable
A hybrid fiber+copper on 8K armored HDMI cables for indoor and outdoor power and data usage.  This allows to carry data and power at the highest speeds possible while protected in a highly flexible stainless steel. Waterproof protective pulling eyes are installed on the HDMI male connectors on each end, and are re-usable to protect the heads every time. Bandwidth: 48Gbps Resolution Rate: 4K*2K Refresh Rate: 120Hz Full Support of ARC function *6.0 millimeter overall outer diameter* Outdoor rated black UV jacket - TPU material for high flex applications and no kinking. Advanced dry-block waterproofing for harsh environments. Available lengths: 30 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft, 130 ft, 160 ft, 260 ft, 300 ft, and 330 ft. Ask about optional deployable reels. Resellers and contractors: please contact our reps for local service or ask us.
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