SOL mate Field Fusion Splicer

armored fiber optic cable
SOL mate 1000 field fusion splicer allows for quick and accurate usage, with no heat splicing in the field. Perfect for indoor and outdoor conditions. Practical usage for Pro AV, FTTH, FTTP, DAS, IT, and all your field needs. nanoFIBER Field Fusion Splicer will make the integrator's job more productive and provide the customer the confidence that failure from the connectors will impact effectiveness. Video of SOL mate. How to use The below link will provide a quick introduction to SOL mate Sol1000 Splicer The manual will take the integrator through the simple steps to provide an... Fusion Splicer Manual nanoFIBER, a leader in nano Armored Stainless-Steel Fiber Optics designed the stainless-steel armor to protect the integrator from installation issues, environmental conditions, and vermin attacks ensuring no signal loss for the customer.
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