TRAXyL Road Surface Adhesive Armored Fiber Solution with nanoFIBER

armored fiber optic cable
TRAXyL - FiberTRAX technology is a fast and inexpensive way to provide connectivity on campuses, bases, airports, complexes, subdivisions, medical facilities, and construction sites to extend connectivity. It works by way of a TRAXtor installation machine that bonds low-profile nanoFIBER stainless-steel cables to paved surfaces using durable fast-curing resins. The TRAXtor installs fiber at speeds up to 1000 feet per hour without cutting into the surface. TRAXyL is already working with the Army Corps of Engineers, the National Science Foundation, and the US Air Force under SBIR Phase II and other contracts to continue developing the technology. Visit to learn more about it.” “The Problem: Optical fiber installations often face prolonged lead times, permitting, disruptions, and risks to existing utilities, especially when demolition and trenching are the only options. The Solution: nanoFIBER quickly delivers rapid, on-demand network connections that make once daunting fiber installations simple and cost-effective, even in remote and hard-to-reach areas. It can withstand traffic within minutes. We call it Minimally Disruptive Installation (MDI), but it’s certainly disrupting the way fiber is installed. Faster Deployment - At 1,000 ft/hr, projects measure in hours and days, not weeks and months, enabling “on-demand” fiber access. Lower Costs - Installation eliminates trenching, simplifies permitting, easements, insurance, inspections, and repairs, reducing construction costs by up to 90%. Advanced Knowhow - Get all the tools and training required so you can quickly install the fiber your customers desperately need Enhanced Reliability - create redundancy and diversity of routes, building mesh networks easily and cost-effective. Improved Performance- Networks built using our solution can handle today’s extreme bandwidth demands, even for remote work, virtual learning, and telehealth Below link to a short deck on TRAXyL and nanoFIBER Roadway Solutions nanoFIBER Spec Sheet Singlemode 12 Strand Stainless Steel Armored Bulk fiber within the TRAXyL Solution
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