nanoFIBER Armored Power Over Fiber

  • 2021-02-26
  • 11:53 am

When deploying PoF (Power over Fiber) input-ready devices such as High Definition cameras, Wi-Fi access points, optical network terminals, small cells, and other network-access devices can be challenging when you need to bundle electrical power and high data transfer to the network in an outdoor environment.

Add the challenge of fusion splicing fiber optic connectors in the field. Currently, fusion splicing takes great skill from technicians who can carefully terminate connectors and splice fiber with little or no loss of signal.

Companies such as Point 2 Pont have been in the market for over 30 years and dedicated to engineering fiber optics solutions. This includes a  power over fiber with the smallest outer diameter, bend-insensitive armored cables that will protect the integrity of the bend radius and therefore protect the fiber optic glass from crimping or breaking as well as virtually tamper-proof from harsh environments or vermin attacks. What truly makes the product and solution remarkable is the simple-to-use and connect fusion splicer and its patented connectors. This includes having simple-to-use foolproof fusion splicers with easy-to-connect termination that creates a virtually no loss connection.

The Powered Fiber Cable System:

  • Simple to pull as a single man job from the smallest OD in the market today
  • Lightweight nanoFIBER Armor can act as a conduit or pathway for the project and therefore, eliminating added cost and labor
  • Power cables are offered in 12 to 24 gauges to meet your distant needs in this hybrid fiber cable
  • OS2 and OM4 1 or 2 strand configuration meets most project needs and FFTH.
  • Custom solutions upon request.
  • Handles up to 64 devices simultaneously from one power supply
  • Contains carrier grade electrical protection
  • Is NEC Class II and SELV compliant

The Powered Fiber Cable System is comprised of two main components featuring a hybrid cable and a PoE Extender in addition to cable/fiber management, power transmission management, safety and overload protection as well as a universal power supply (PSU).

Powered Fiber Optic Cable – Single hybrid copper/fiber cable design for simplified cable field access.

  • Designed for “easy peel” cable access – the cable can be accessed much faster than traditional hybrid cables?
  • No special tools needed – one ordinary wire strip tool accesses both the optical fiber and conductor elements?
  • Utilizes globally existing, proven and inexpensive FTTH style flat cable hardware?