Why Rats Love to Eat Wired Cables and How to Protect Them?

  • 09-03-2023
  • 02:13 pm

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There are many benefits to stainless steel armor from nanoFIBER, but the biggest is one that many do not suspect. To protect the fiber or copper from destruction from rats. Yes rats!

Rats gnaw and chew on cables… why, because they teeth continue to grow and need to do maintenance. Wy cables….? Well rats reside in places usually where you find cables Its usually good hiding places. From subways, new buildings, in the walls, in the floors, attics,
or anywhere you would hide cables.

No business is safe. From hospitals, hotels, restaurants, data centers and any place that is tight, warm and they can nest. Automobiles have become a feasting ground for rats. Warm tight compartments and so many cables!

Rats Chew $8,000 Damage to CCTV Cables – Read Article Here

Even though rats can chew anything, a wire is a perfect object for grinding their teeth against.
They can hold the wire while they chew, which gives them more control. As you know, mice and rats have sharp teeth, which grow continuously unless the animal can find a way to control such growth. This is why the wire seems to be “rats” go-to choice.
Keep in mind, rats and mice not only chew on house wires. They are also known to eat car
wires as well.  Many automotive companies are following the environmental trend and
striving to use renewable materials in their automotive parts.

Many have started using edible materials like soy as coating for automotive wires.  Rats are attracted to the edible soy wire insulation and damage to automotive wiring has been steadily on the rise.  Damage to an engine’s wiring can not only be extremely costly — but it can also be very dangerous.  Automobiles that are stored for any period of time should be protected from rats and mice.  The engine should also be inspected for damage before use.

The US Patented stainless-steel armor from nanoFIBER tightly wraps around the inside of
the inner jacket. This protects the inner copper or fiber from harsh environments, bend
radius and most importantly, stops rats from chewing through the inner cables.

To learn more… visit us at nanoFIBER Our highly trained staff can help you learn bout the nanoFIBER US Patented, UL Listed stainless armored cables to protect your data from these pesty critters.