About nanoFIBER

nanoFIBER™ stainless steel coiled armor protects the fragile fiber optic glass within.

nanoFIBER™ is a Smooth Wall steel conduit that can be used in all installations from burial, aerial, and underwater conditions.

nanoFIBER™ protects against poor usage, installation, vermin attack, tampering, and harsh environments.

nanoFIBER… when failure is not an option.

nanoFIBER™ armored fiber optic cabling solutions is a division of Point 2 Point Communications Corp. that engineers products with a purpose for modern-day communication systems. This includes fiber optics, copper wire, coaxial, CAT5/6/7/8, and custom Hybrid, and Composite cabling solutions. Designs may include media converters, switches, extenders, and other active components. P2P designs and deploys the best solutions for Ethernet, RF, Pro AV, HDMI, tactical reels, security, data centers, FTTx wireless and GPON solutions. Additionally, P2P provides fiber optic components like adaptors, cleavers, connectors, OTDRs, fusion splicers, test equipment, power meters, and training.

nanoFIBER™ is an award-winning, new proprietary armoring system, that winds a flat stainless-steel coil around the inner fiber optic cables. This creates the smallest armored outer diameter fiber optic armor in the world that is 80% lighter compared to standard aluminum interlock armor (AIA). nanoFIBER has the tightest bend radius on the market and is designed to protect the fragile Corning ClearCurve™ & InfiniCore™ Glass.

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nanoFIBER vs. Traditional Armored Cable

Click below for samples of nanoFIBER armored fiber cables versus Aluminum Interlock Armor




nanoFIBER armored fiber optic cables

Smallest armored fiber OD in the world

65% lighter and 75% smaller than conventional AIA armored fiber cables

300 Feet of nanoFIBER versus                300 Feet of Traditional Aluminum Interlock Armored (AIA) fiber cables

AIA cables Heavy, Bulky, Huge, EXPENSIVE to install

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